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Possession of the ball AI in FIFA 17 defends very well, so it is normal that some users pass bad keeping possession of the ball. If that is your case, the first thing you have to do is stop pressing the button on the sprint. The truth is that most of the players have a tendency to run the ball, but this can be a big mistake. Try to pass the ball often wait to climb on your companions and do not attack arriesguéis too. So you will succeed keep possession the ball longer. 5. Attacks judiciously There are several ways to attack in FIFA 17. Can you focus the area; defend and leave far behind the counter; shoot from outside the area or even marcaros a wall near rivals. There is no better or worse form of attack, but that you have to take into account the context of the team. If your forwards are small, focus will not be a fitting way to mark. On the other hand, if they are slow, it will not be easy to leave a gazelle counterattack. smart when attacking and Play with the strengths of your team thirst. 6. Tactics for Success Formations and tactics FIFA 17 are more important than players think. For example, users often complain that the team is far behind that always makes mistakes in the line of offside or no support in the front and the funny thing is that all this can change in tactics equipment. | FIFA 17 Hack
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